Sunday, February 8, 2009


Life goes by too fast. Hallie is now a sunbeam and was assigned to give the closing prayer in Primary today. I didn't think anything of it this week, or as we went to church...not until Joni and I went to the primary room and watched the other sunbeams give scriptures and talks. As I looked around the same room that I attended Primary, sat in the same chairs, sang the same songs...suddenly that time which seemed like forever ago came rushing clearly back into my mind. Afterwards I told Joni how my friend and I would slide our arms as tight as we could between the chairs, cutting off our circulation, and compare whose veins stuck our further...then when we couldn't take in any longer remove our arms and revel in the sensation of what seemed like first ice in our veins and then fire. Or how we'd hold our legs out in front of us for so long that if we touched our knee-caps it seriously felt like there were bubbles bursting under our skin. And how every once in a while...we would actually pay attention and realize the blessing of having the Gospel in our lives. So as I tried to think of the first time I was asked to pray or give a talk in Primary, with my parents quietly reassuring me from the hit me how quickly things change. One day you're a sunbeam...and the next, without realizing're the parent in the back giving a smile and wave of encouragement...wondering how in the world you got here so quickly.

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Jared and Topaz Lau said...

Time does do by way to fast! Me and Jared where just talking about that the othe day.Doesn't it feel like Hallie was just a baby, and now your having baby Girl #3.We've got to make our ever min count.These kids will be grown before we know it!
The Lau's